Downloads – Sheets & Such

This is where you can find some character sheets, game records, charts, or other items I decide to make into tiny PDFs and throw into the raging sea of files floating around the internet. 

Use ’em, print ’em, edit ’em, whatever. They’re released as CC-BY-NC. Just don’t be a jerk about it.

If you do anything cool with them you’re obligated to show me. It’s the law.

OSR Character Sheet

Use this for your old school D&D and retroclone games, or else no one will think you’re cool.

8.5×11″ US Legal Size, 300dpi PDF, 1 Page, 504KB

Click to download PDF

Shaman Drug Tracking Sheet

Use this PDF to track your Shaman’s drug intake, maddened screams, and eventual death!

8.5×11″ US Legal Size, 300dpi PDF, 1 Page, 1.79MB 

Click to download PDF

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