If you wanna get a hold of me, there’s a lot of different ways. Most of them are actually available via the little icon bar at the top of most pages on this blog, including directly above this text! But in the interest of a transparent list for you to access as you need it:


/dungeonspossums This is the official dungeon from the title, Dungeons & Possums. It is home to the titular possum, too. You can come spend $1, $3, or $5 per month and get literally nothing in return. It’s wholly optional. If you want to send me money so I can buy books or whatever, that’s up to you. It is appreciated, but it is not required whatsoever and it does not change anything.



@dungeonspossums This is where to go to get hold of me. I am here all the time. My Android Twitter app, Talon, absolutely shits the bed on DMs so often I won’t see them until I get home and sit down at my PC, but for normal mentions and stuff – I spend too many hours of my damn day on Twitter, five minutes at a time. Come hit me up here. There’s a whole flock of us tweeting nerds over there.


@dungeonspossums This is something I should be better about, but I’m not good at making it a habit yet. I use it mostly when I’m stunningly bored and go through and click the heart button on every cool picture it will load. I’m sure I miss out on a lot here because some of my favorite artists live on Instagram. I’m going to try harder to stay more involved and up-to-date there.


/dungeonspossums I want to use MeWe more. I want to like MeWe more. It almost does what G+ does/did, but its UI/UX is worse in every single way and it seems like a chaotic mess. Hopefully it coalesces into something better than its current state. This helps me peek in with a lot of very specific publisher- and OSR-related groups, but because of the absolute warzone that is group notifications, I only check it “in-depth” every so often.


/dungeons.possums.9 This is where I occasionally interact with folks I’ve gotten to know on more of a personal basis. I don’t really post here at all, but I do comment on some friends’ page. It’s barely related to my blog most days, to be honest.


This is basically just a clearing house for links to my blog posts. I go in like once every week or ten days and load up the queue with the last few posts I’ve made since the last time I did this process and then I leave it alone again. We all know Tumblr is dead.


I use this fairly infrequently because Reddit intimidates me and the user interface is bafflingly obnoxious, but it is a great place to stay up to date with stuff so I check it semi-regularly even if I don’t comment or post very often.


Click the SUMMON THE POSSUMS widget in the footer section of any page on this website, and go nuts. It’ll come directly to me. I am occasionally very bad about checking it, but I try to do an okay job of it. If it’s critical, remind me to check my email by shouting loudly at me over on Twitter. Does that defeat the purpose of email? Yes. Yes it does.

That about does it for contacts, I think. RIP Google+, you will be missed.