You must really like poking around tiny links if you found this page, I guess.

I’ve posted bits and pieces of who I am throughout this blog, but if you want the complete picture:

I’m a pretty open book but I pretend to be a possum on the internet for laughs. It started because I needed a clever name and I showed back up to the RPG internet assuming it was still a wasteland of personal attacks like the crappy edition wars years. It looks like we’re beyond that now, but that’s why I showed up with a pseudonym.

I am a Canadian from the jewel of the Pacific Northwest: Vancouver, British Columbia. I miss it desperately now that I’m no longer there (I’ll come back to that thought in a second). I grew up in a vibrant, unbelievably beautiful place full of art and culture and natural splendor and lovely architecture. It’s the best city in the world. Go there if you get the chance. Eat the food. Trust me on this. Go to Richmond and eat Chinese and Vietnamese. Go to Vancouver for sushi. Go to Surrey for Indian and Pakistani. People from those countries come to the city to do food tourism. It’s nuts. Trust me. Anyway, Vancouver is my home and it will always be my home. I was born and mostly raised there, but I also spent my middle school years in a godawful tiny town in rural northeastern Saskatchewan. It was brutally cold and unpleasant. I don’t miss that place at all.

Nowadays I live in south central Texas. I moved down here a few years ago when I met a wonderful woman who called this hot, humid state full of cacti and BBQ home. It’s okay. The drivers here are aggressive, competitive sociopaths who are actively trying to harm you. It’s crazy. But the cost of living is cheap, it’s great to be close to the border and meet other immigrants every day, and the BBQ and Mexican food is bonkers down here.

I am a cisgender male. I identify that way and I use the pronouns he/him but frankly I do not give one quarter of a fuck if you wanna call me she or they or whatever else takes your fancy and keeps you comfortable. I’m cool with it.

I’m bisexual as heck. So’s my wife. As I joke on Twitter, being a cisgender, married, bi couple in your 30s makes you pretty much invisible as far as LGBTQ* cred most days. I am, however, an avid supporter of Pride events and have been a member of several LGBTQ* advocacy groups throughout my life.

I’m Italian-Canadian. I am a gigantic white dude. My parents were born in Canada, the first children of immigrants. My father’s side is from Emilia-Romagna and Napoli. My mother’s side is from francophone Belgium and Napoli. My dad is from the west coast; my mom is from Quebec. My dad was raised in California, so I grew up treating America as “us” just the same as Canada. It’s funny that it worked out that now I live in the States. I use US Imperial units and Metric units interchangeably because my brain was broken by a lifetime of doing both.

I grew up being taught and speaking Italian and Quebecois French alongside my main tongue of English. I stopped bothering with the others when I was in middle school because kids bullied me for my weird accent and hand-talking, so if you try to talk to me in French or Italian now I’m gonna stare blankly at you, comprehend half of it with the capabilities of a grade-schooler, and then say a swear word because it’s mostly all I do well.

I blew up my spine in 2007. It destroyed a bunch of discs and nerve trunks and compressed my spinal cord and tore apart all the muscles that hold it together. It temporarily paralyzed me for awhile. I relearned walking. I went through a lot of surgeries. It was a whole thing. It sucked; it’s not recommended. I’m permanently partially disabled as a result. I don’t bend or twist much. I limp if I walk, sit, or stand for too long without doing something else.

I was diagnosed with cancer in my 20s, the same week I was hit by a drunk driver and the same week my parents announced their separation. I met my future wife the same week. Good trade, overall. It was bladder cancer and if you ever want a good horrorlaugh catch me on Discord voice chat or whatever and I’ll tell you the story of beating bladder cancer. It’s a rollercoaster out of a nightmare. I’m fine now for the most part. I treated the entire process as fodder for dark jokes and pranks because I’m just an ass like that. I still think they’re funny.

My general philosophy is to be kind to others and spread positivity. The world can be hard and uncaring all by itself. We don’t need to add to that. Let’s lift each other up. Let’s shine light on the dark corners. Let’s listen and make sure everyone is heard. Let’s take care of each other and make sure everyone is valued. We can make the world a better place one little bit at a time. Hopefully it translates to making the world a better place in a big way when we all do it together.

At the same time, I actually have a very sarcastic and usually pretty dark sense of humor that I try to curtail for the most part just because it’s not appropriate for mixed company and it’s also probably a bad habit. I am not easily offended. Don’t worry about it if you think you said something that I might be upset by. I almost certainly was not. You’d have to really try. Please do not really try. That’s a bummer.

This blog is not my dayjob, unfortunately. I try to make it a priority where I can because it is a truly joyful activity. I love role-playing games and I love the people who play them together and enjoy themselves and spread joy.

I worked at a nursery (the tree kind) for awhile. I worked in commercial construction for awhile. I worked as EMS for awhile and it became my passion; I had to leave this behind when I broke my spine. I worked in physical networking for awhile and loathed it. I worked in the firearm industry for a long time. I worked in the finance sector for a Fortune 100 for awhile. Now I don’t anymore.

I’m a fan of, or influenced by, a lot of things. My favorite music is hip-hop, and I’m one of those oldheads who is realizing he’s old as hell because these damn kids these days with their mumble rap are making terrible music half the time. I ain’t mad at them though. Make your money, kids. I like tons of music tho. Bluesy rock, bleak Americana. Classic prog and heavy metal stuff. R&B from the 90s. I like 1980s VHS horror movies and Saturday morning cartoons. I like Heavy Metal Magazine from the 1970s and 1980s. I like Warcraft and Zelda and Fallout. A lot of what I like is in my Appendix N post. You can hit me up for the rest if you’re ever bored and I’m around.

I think that should cover everything. You have my whole life story now.