So, Twitter, Huh

It’s no surprise to anyone that the interminable fool Elon Musk has butchered Twitter through hubris and incompetence or some dramatically-unforgivable political agenda whereby his concerning co-investors encouraged the demise of the international town square beloved by union organizers, protestors, dissidents, journalists, and everyday normal folk around the world. Today’s (allegedly) probable “I didn’t pay my Google Cloud bill and I’ll claim otherwise” rate-limiting fiasco is just the latest agonized groan of a dying platform mortally wounded by a ridiculous and embarrassing little man.

Typing this post is difficult physically because a week ago I injured my dominant hand and it remains Super Bandaged still, and emotionally because Twitter is really the how and why for the birth of the Dungeons and the Possums. Unfortunate times we live in, eh? Anyhow, it seemed prudent to post, despite the issues at hand (heh), to remind any friends out there that I can always be reached through this site and the email/etc options available herein. At the moment, of course, many social media avenues exist beside this site and Elon’s wasteland, but just in case – you can always email me or comment or whatever else you feel like doing if you need to get in touch and the various networks of our choosing are otherwise wounded or ineffectual.

Please don’t be strangers. I genuinely think you’re all awesome and that those who give back to the world through creativity and kindness are the only real hope we have of keeping alive that wonderful human spark we share. Much love, my friends!

PS: Please excuse the lack of subject-appropriate possum doodle here. I’d have one if I could draw at the moment. Give me a bit.

PPS: Happy Canada Day!

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One comment on “So, Twitter, Huh

  1. Nonesuch

    Joyous Canada, USA, Turtle Island Day!

    Makes me so happy seeing my countryfolx enjoying themselves, even doing such radical outrageous acts as waving and wearing their flags πŸ™‚

    And not to worry about Twitter; at least it is now free of the various alphabet agencies and states and companies who successfully used it to Manufacture Consent (a la that famous Chompsky documentary) and make our lives more miserable these last few years instead of trusting us…and have tried to break free of ads so now has to find other ways of making moolah…Twitter is still a great invention and there are still peopleand convos I enjoy there

    We have to break Google and META and Amazon’s stranglehold…and change the ad based revenue business model that is addicting people and driving people crazy lol

    Good thing there are alternatives all over

    Like meatspace. So nice

    I miss Periscope. I have filled that void with Twitch to help me doublecheck a breaking news story claim

    Keep up the writing and the riffin m’critter

    These are the best of times
    These are the worst of times…

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