Throne of Salt Fanart

Gotta love Throne of Salt. Another prolific creator whose slush piles are full of better ideas than I have and actually turn into posts! One of my favorite blogs, for sure.

Last night I saw a post of Dan’s that I just loved; you can read it here. There are many great ideas there but one made me want to draw a thing.

36. Throne crab – docile armored pseudocrustacean with a brilliantly colored and patterned shell. Easily tamed and domesticated without use of a neural=computer link. Used as personal steeds by the upper class, but have been a fad long enough to trickle into the aftermarket.

Throne of Salt, Slush Pile 10, 19 Jan 2022

The throne crab was such a cute bit of world-building I had to doodle one! If there’s a hallmark to my games it’s that I prefer weird animals to be commonplace in roles like livestock, beasts of burden, pets and companions etc – instead of the animals we’re used to in real life, so this is right up my alley.

It goes without saying that Throne Crabs belong to Dan over there at Throne of Salt, but I’ve been drawing lots of crabs lately and when I read that entry I just had to draw one! A thousand apologies to Dan for this.

Anyway this entire post has been written with my cellphone, which is one place where Blogger excelled compared to WordPress block-format posting; even on a very large screen like my phone, too much real estate is dedicated to admin/mechanical elements. Go read a real post on Throne of Salt.

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