The Fearsome Molarian

Molarians emerge from the graveyards of titans and colossal beasts, seeming to sprout from the earth itself in the places where giants lay. They pick through the grave offerings and battlefield detritus to build their reclusive societies, dredging the ligaments and fertile soil into earthwork redoubts buttressed up against the natural caverns created by the tumbling demise of the tremendous skeletons that litter their lands. They are fiercely territorial over these sites.

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HD: 3AC: 5 (as chain)SV: Ftr 3
MV: 90 (30)No: 2d6 (patrol) 8d6 (fort population)ALG: Neutral
ATK: As weaponML: 9$$: 1d30 silver coins

Molarians are tooth-people who dig their way up out of the muck of titanic graveyards. Some believe they are the literal teeth of these skeletal remains, given life by latent magic radioactivity from the battles that slayed the monsters, or perhaps some witchcraft ritual. Some believe they spring forth from these sites, but are not the literal teeth themselves, simply the impure creatures that are granted life by these places. Molarians have few causes to trade with outsiders as they do not value most things; they also rarely, if ever, expand as their numbers are generally few. When they are destroyed, soon afterwards a new Molarian tends to find its way up and out of the muck and to the fort.

Molarians are fierce defenders of their forts, which are comprised of bone and grave dirt and briar vines. These are simple, unimpressive things, as likely to have portions washed out by heavy rain as not; the Molarians are not terribly clever engineers and lack anything resembling an education. They are, after all, teeth. They man their forts while half their number drags sledges of mud and clay and rib fragments back and forth, slapping it somewhat haphazardly here and there. Those that collect material for the building and rebuilding of their fort often come upon long-buried corpses which they loot in a perfunctory fashion.

What passes for a leader among the Molarians is usually a chief of sorts. No one is certain of what metric decides the chief, whether it is innate or random or the result of some form of merit. The chief is usually in possession of one or more magical weapons found on human corpses at the great battlegrounds which spawned the Molarian tribe, and it is possible that leadership simply falls to the first Molarian to dig up such a piece. Chiefs will never flee a fight once it begins. They are always guarded by five Zealous Molarian Elite, who are as Molarians but have an AC of 4 and a Morale of 11.

On the rare occasion Molarians trade with outsiders, they value teeth of all kinds, which are akin to something between currency and religious articles to them. Again, due to their insular nature, little is understood about what they do with the teeth they trade for. They will trade the surplus artifacts, coins, and kit they recover from the battlegrounds they have looted.

Because Molarians dig and frequently end up in cavities and caverns in the earth by following the hollows of gigantic bones, Molarians most frequently engage with dwarves and other tunneling and mining cultures. They are generally peaceable unless their fortress is endangered.

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