A Calendar of Challenges for 2022

Over the course of January I’ve been trying to sort through thoughts to turn into posts, and between a hundred competing ideas some days and zero ideas at all somehow on other days and paralysis about what should be written and posted in which order, I’ve wound up being a little less productive than I’d like. I mean, sure, some of it has to do with going back to work – but not all of it. Some of it is just simply difficulty knowing where to point my energy, when, which I think most attention deficit former-gifted-kids-turned-adults can recognize.

During Dicember I had less of this, because Dicember had prompts I had to mull over and then go after. I managed to post something, somewhere, every single day, leading to nearly 20 posts here on the blog in a single month. It felt good! In going back over that success I have been thinking that it might be nice to try some more out this year, especially in months where big holiday or work events are unlikely to compete for my limited time and attention. To that end, I figured I’d look around and see if I could compile a list of challenges to see what piqued my interest and, naturally, share them with anyone else who might be looking for the same. Over on Twitter I asked about leads on these sort of challenges – Inktober and Dicember being two active challenges fresh in recent memory, while I also recall the SummerKnightsDraw event that actually started this blog but is now defunct – and I was directed to this blog post over on Penny Ventures, which compiled a similar list; this was a huge help! It gave me a bunch I’d never heard of and some ongoing events I was keen to learn about. As I searched I also came to find this list here, which is mostly writing challenges, and this list here, which is mostly art challenges. These have some outdated data but were nonetheless extremely helpful in making my list.

Anyway. I went through these lists and some Google searching and I compiled a list of events that caught my eye which I may either attempt wholesale or maybe dip into here and there over the course of the year. More on that in a minute. But first, the (decidedly not exhaustive) calendar list:

Month Event Details
JANCreatuanary – Missed it this year. Deeply awkward name. Gonna try to remember for 2023 though.
FEBFaebruary – I’m not big into most fae creatures but that means I have lots to learn and improve!
28 Drawings Later – Good referential name; remains to be seen if this event is applicable here though.
MARPresumptive: March of Robots – Could use some more robots around here.
Presumptive/Unconfirmed: Monster March – Rumors abound of this happening on Instagram in years past.
APRPresumptive: Blogging from A to Z – Could definitely come up with some sort of post, alphabetically.
MAYPresumptive: MerMay – Not huge into mermaids, either, much like Faebruary.
JUNPresumptive: Journey June – A month-long window into an ongoing heroic sojourn seems right up our alley.
JULPresumptive: 200 Word RPG Challenge – They’re gonna try to make it happen in 2022. Should be neat!
AUGPresumptive: RPGADay – This looks like the first month event I could really do well with. Very flexible!
Presumptive: One Page RPG Jam – This looks like something I could also take a shot at.
Presumptive: Smaugust – I’ve read some sources saying this isn’t a centralized thing, and can be self-guided.
SEPPresumptive: Swordtember – This one seems like cheating. I have 100 swords saved in Procreate already.
OCTInktober can go to hell. This much is clear.
Presumptive: Witchtober – Looks like this one is also decentralized, with several different lists/hosts.
Presumptive: Monstober – Ditto.
Presumptive: Drawlloween – Classic Halloween theme daily drawing challenge.
Presumptive: Drawtober – This one seems really doable! I might be able to manage this one.
Presumptive: Gobtober – I don’t know that this one is appealing to me wholesale, but maybe here and there.
Presumptive: Goretober – This appears to be a very popular scary/gory slasher sort of prompt event.
NOVPresumptive: Slowvember – A methodical month-long approach to making one single thing.
Presumptive: Dinovember – Like robots, this blog can always use more dinosaurs.
Presumptive: Knightvember – Another decentralized monthly prompt list, focusing on knights.
DECPresumptive: Dicember – This is the one to beat! If I could only do one, I’d probably do this one again.
Presumptive: Drawcember – Supported by a populated subreddit. A backup to Dicember, I suppose.
ANYGygax 75 Challenge – A five-week program for building a Gygaxian, OD&Dish setting.

Some of these links are for 2021’s pages and may not be correct for 2022.

Any marked Presumptive are not yet strictly confirmed, or their prompt list(s) (if applicable) are not yet published at the time of this writing.

Contributing to my success with Dicember was its flexibility, which I discussed in the wrap-up post. Many of these are significantly less flexible or potentially more involved. I am also one of those people who almost always has to finish what is started, even a terrible book or a meal once I am already full; I worry that I would feel compelled to finish a given challenge if I even dip my toe in to begin with. It’s not a productive habit in many ways and it’s something I struggle with.

To that end, I wonder if maybe picking bits and pieces of these would be good practice to break this habit! For some of these months/events listed above, I may just drop in and drop out, picking a prompt at random or maybe a few that catch my interest specifically.

I am definitely doing the Gygax 75 challenge; I’ll document the process here on the blog. I am also definitely doing Dicember if it returns, along with one of the October events. If RPG-A-Day happens in August, I’ll do it, too, I suspect. I think “every other month” is a solid plan for those big events. So I’d probably do Journey June, and probably also Blogging from A to Z in April. That’s a tentative plan, anyway. Anything else would, at least as I see it now, be just me dipping in here and there.

So that’s that. These are the events I am looking at, following, considering doing. If you know of one you think I should look at, or you know more about one of these, or you’re planning one of your own, please let me know! You can do so here, in the comment section below, or over on Twitter or Instagram where I can be found screaming into the void with marsupial doodles under the name @DungeonsPossums.

PS: If you have the 1983 D&D calendar from which the heading image is taken, you can use it again this year!

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