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1d6 Moderately Magical Weapons

It’s that time again, where I give you some treasures. This post could stand on its own as just two images but that wouldn’t be very helpful to screen readers so I will restate and describe accordingly.

1. Warden’s War-Pick, 1d6, Luminous (as Torch).
A nasty pick perfect for spiking heavily-armored foes. At the base of the grip, a chain extends downwards to a magical “jar”, which contains a tiny, glowing pixie. A religious sect imprisoned the leader of a pixie cult who was bent on bringing about the end of all things. They entrust this weapon to a chosen paladin or cleric.

2. Knightly Halberd, 1d10, Counts as a +1 Weapon vs Dragons.
A very simple halberd with a perfectly-straight haft. It was bloodied once a century ago in the wounds of a great wyrm slain by a kingdom’s bravest knights. It has hungered for more every day since.

3. Paradise Partisan, 1d10, Does Double Damage to Abominations and Aberrant Beings.
A partisan in a floral motif; its ears are shaped like leaves and fine engraving of flowering vines cover the primary, serrated blade. Forged to commemorate the 100th anniversary of an elf-queen’s reign, whose rule brought a period of serenity to a previously tumultuous elvish land.

4. Seafoam Saber, 1d6, Breathe Underwater 30min per Day
A gracefully curved saber with a living coral makeup. The hilt and grip are a colorful, lively reef, with many kinds of coral growths. It was grown in an enchanted coral garden by a wise reefmage. It is a living, complex colony which must be submerged in water or at least given a substantive watering daily, or else it will “bleach” and become mundane.

5. Ritual Redoubt, +1 AC, Absorb Spell
A round shield of tough oak with a bronze boss and outer ring. The wood is brightly painted. It was decorated with a series of sacred pictograms by an order of Art-Seers, a caste of divinely-blessed oracles. It can absorb one spell targeting its wielder per day, and release it onto a new target. It can only store one such spell at a time.

6. Skull Crusher, 1d6, Force Morale Check on Damage Rolls of 5-6.
A club or mace constructed of a round river stone lashed to an extremely strong petrified donkey femur. It dates back centuries, possibly millennia, and is discolored by many stains. This heirloom was once passed down through generations of violent war-priestesses as they conquered their neighboring archipelagos. Its trademark impact sound is known to strike fear in the hearts of its foes.

I spent a really, really late night while I was at home with coronavirus playing with hundreds of Procreate brushes, which is why so many of these feature very different textures from the items they’re sat beside. I’m still learning how to do art and especially how to do art with different brushes – I’m not sure if it’s clear as day or maybe gonna sound weird but I actually didn’t do art classes in school past when they were mandatory (I graduated high school using photography as my art credits, actually). I drew a ton as a kid but I actually pretty much stopped entirely sometime in high school when I got into other things, and so what little art know-how I have is basically solely pencil lineart. Until I made this blog I basically hadn’t drawn anything in like fifteen years. I grew up with old school D&D books and comic books as what I sorta wanted to copy, and without any real effort put into drawing or art since childhood I have never really advanced past that point on a technical level. Everything I doodle for this blog is a kind of new ground for me.

Aaaaanyway. I like lower-magic stuff a lot of the time, and that thought is what drove me to draw these weapons. I know a lot of people are incredibly imaginative with higher-magic ideas that are absolutely awesome, but I don’t like sprinting up the gear chain super fast and I feel like lower- and moderately-magical items are really interesting and can build a lot of lore into the world. Hopefully these are fun enough to show up in a unique place somewhere in your games!

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One comment on “1d6 Moderately Magical Weapons

  1. @restrepowriter

    These items are a lot of fun, Possum. I’m pretty mean with magic items in my games, so these are artifacts as far as I’m concerned, MacGuffins to spur plots. Some thoughts:

    1. Why wasn’t that pixie killed? Maybe no one knows how to kill them permanently, or the cosmic mischievousness of the pixie leader gets passed on if it is killed. Anyway, someone steals the Warpick, PCs got to get it back before they figure out how to free the cult leader.
    2. The Halberd. As your text implies, it’s cursed. It leaves behind a string of dead wielders as they rush to their deaths against dragons. However, each time it kills a dragon, it gets another bonus, so if it gets into the hands of a capable warrior (a PC, natch), it will go to town. If someone is actually successful with this item, a concerned dragon will send kobold assassins after the killer.
    3. The Seafoam Sabre is great for solo adventures. Lend or give the Sabre to a PC who has to be amphibious for a little bit, maybe to kill a swamp hag in her lair or something like that.
    4. The Redoubt solves a puzzle: How do you get a fighter to cast a spell? This is actually a very powerful item.

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