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Dicember 2021: Day 28 (Toxin)

I went through a couple ideas for this post before I settled on one. I considered easier routes first (random table of toxic materials, random table of venomous creatures, etc) and then medium-effort routes (invent some toxic monsters), before settling on going for one of the “actual effort” options available. In his post announcing Dicember 2021, Dyson Logos suggested a bunch of options for completing the prompts and I’ve posted before that the flexibility of Dicember is what has enabled me to do it despite working a truly preposterous amount at my day job. When I looked at that post while contemplating this 28th day of Dicember, one of the few formats suggested by Dyson Logos for Dicember prompts stood out as one which I had not yet done: drop tables.

I like drop tables! I also felt like it was an opportunity to get at least one more vaguely useful or usable post out of Dicember. Lastly, it counts as a high-effort route to completing a daily prompt, since it is a combination of writing nonsense down, doodling matching art, and random generation stacked on random generation – all wrapped up in a more complicated workflow involving Procreate, Photoshop, and Affinity Publisher. It’s not gonna win any awards but then again that’s why it’s free and you not only do not pay me but rather I pay for the privilege of doing it (you’re welcome, SiteGround and Affinity Software).

A Caution Possum Approaches!

Just to make certain people feel safe and forewarned, poisons often carry the implication that they may be put in food or drink or treated much the same as other drugs (injection/inhalation). This PDF depicts all of the above. Please take care of yourself accordingly and pass on this PDF if it may upset you – please have a wonderful day and I hope to see you soon!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a drop table of toxins. Get out a pair of d8s, sucker!

This mockup is slightly less of a lie than The Forest because this one is actually 8.5×11.

Download Toxin Drop Table
(2.0MB – PDF, 2 Pages)

That’s about it! Very straightforward sort of post; I did however finally find something I love about WordPress and block content I like much better than Blogger, which is that mixed media and text block where the Caution Possum visits above. Very cool. Anyway. Go ahead and print out your drop table or just throw the dice directly at your iPad, whatever works for you I guess. Hopefully it brings some variety to the poisons in your OSR games rather than just saving vs death. If some PCs nonetheless die in a game where these poisons come into play, I regret nothing. You can seek revenge by contacting me on Twitter where I am found under the user name @dungeonspossums.

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