Spell: Enchant Pillow

There, upon a luxuriant bed of furs and straw, the fitful rest of a sweating burgomaster is plagued with visions. Shadowy figures chant and chase and close in on all sides until the night smothers him like a heavy blanket. The feverish pitch of the dream snaps into sharp relief as he sees himself, bathed in rich spring moonlight, at his own abode, tucked in his bed. He senses danger, and he cries out to himself, wake, wake you damned fool; but it is for naught.

The spindly legs of the specter of Death tiptoe through his window, long and exaggerated as if a mockery of a man. He feels panic, dread, as if drowning, as the shade clambers up on the bed to sit on his chest and he feels all at once his chest seize tight beneath the weight of this silent messenger. Death bears a scythe and saber, a pennant of a nation long lost to history and a dead king’s crown. It smiles its lipless rictus smile and peers out from bulbous eyes of unnatural ivory-white. The burgomaster screams, soundlessly, and screams and screams until he is hoarse and exhausted, and the weight of the specter of Death is too much to bear.

When he awakens with a start, his bed is soaked with his nervous flop sweat. He swears an oath under his breath, and peers out his window at the dark town beyond his fence anxiously.

There exist two versions of the enchant pillow spell: A second-level spell for magic-users and elves, and a third-level spell for magic-users and elves. The two are not necessarily related and having one does not necessarily mean the other will be known or is a prerequisite; that is to say, a character may discover only the second-level variant and never find the other, or may find the third-level variant and learn it (if appropriate) without needing to have found the lesser version.

Enchant Pillow, Second-Level Spell

Duration: 7 Days; Cast Time: Variable

In which the caster copies the dreams of a slumberer.

The caster must have physical access to the pillow of the target. Through witchery, they are able to turn this bedding into something of a recording device, and can replay the dreams of whoever used it while it was so enchanted.

To retrieve the recorded dream(s), the caster must return to the pillow within the week of its casting and rest their head upon it for one hour per dream, which are replayed in their mind’s eye in rapid succession. The caster may not necessarily comprehend any languages spoken in the recordings; this will depend on the character and any beneficial enchantments pertaining to language which they may possess.

The effect lasts seven days and can be detected using a Detect Magic spell or items with similar powers.

Enchant Pillow, Third-Level Spell

Duration: 7 Days; Cast Time: Variable

In which the caster imposes a dream upon a slumberer.

The caster must have physical access to the pillow of the target. They ensorcell the bedding by laying hands upon the pillow and concentrating on the images they wish to convey; while brief or vague dreams can be imparted quickly, complicated concepts and visions may take upwards of an hour to fully implant in the pillow.

Any who sleep on the affected pillow during this week will dream of whatever the caster planted there, regardless of whether or not they own the pillow or are a guest in the bed. The dream will recur each night for the entire stretch of seven days.

The magic lasts seven days and can be detected using a Detect Magic spell or item with appropriate powers.

Tonight, I learned that it’s wholly possible to completely forget how WordPress works over an extended absence! This article was intended to be a brief dip back into the water so I wouldn’t need to write too much while I retraced my steps, but even still, I underestimated how much the past year has pushed stuff out of my mind.

Hopefully this post finds everyone in good health. If it turns up in your games – a spellbook in a treasure horde or the profane magic of a subversive cult, perhaps – I’d love to know. I remain available for comment below or over on Twitter @dungeonspossums and at the same name over on Instagram!

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  1. Spwack

    Gnaarghh I have thankfully never before suffered from sleep paralysis, but I feel that you have cursed me with your poignant wicked words! I am ensorcelled I tell you!!!

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