An Updated ZineQuest 2020 Calendar for May

An updated (as of 20 May 2020 @ 1953 CT) calendar of my ZineQuest pledge statuses.
I figure the time has come to revisit this little project. Following the end of ZineQuest 2020, I wrote a post containing the first version of this calendar. It seems like something I should check in on every now and then, so here’s an updated one!
I have added a new color to the check marks. A yellow check mark indicates that I have received some of the total rewards from the campaign, but not yet all. This is especially noteworthy on the campaigns I backed at the Physical Print Tier, as many of those ZineQuest projects promised both the PDF and the print copy and some of these have delivered the PDF already but have not yet produced the print rewards. I added these yellow check marks because I want to recognize the efforts of these creators to get their work into our hands during quarantine and shelter-in-place (when many people need diversions most!). Many of those projects with partial fulfillment actually got their digital rewards out ahead of schedule for this reason and I want to show their progress rather than focus on any delays – which I think we can all agree are to be expected at the moment. I largely feel that delays and an attitude of understanding is to be expected in the time of COVID-19; everything is slower and delayed and thrown off kilter in one way or another. I am sure we all feel this in many aspects of our lives, and so it is no surprise that printers are impacted by local lockdowns or postal services are frozen or of course the many ways that we find new and strange issues in our plans of doing business and living our lives and creating our creations.
So, the point is, the completes are noteworthy and some even arrived early! 

Apart from that, it’s worth noting that some projects have actually completed, on paper, but the rewards haven’t yet arrived. There are a few with rewards which are shipping or have shipped or been sent to print/fulfillment, but with mail being so terrible and tracking for these things being basically nonexistent, I honestly can’t tell what’s in progress, what’s shipped, what’s lost, and what is about to arrive. The Phylactery comes to mind for this – I have read that physical copies are going out in waves due to post office issues, so that project is very near to a check mark on this chart, but I have not yet received mine so it has not yet gotten that check mark. I am sure other projects are in the same boat – so very close to completion but held up bit by bit by COVID-19 problems large and small alike. 

So, the point is, some incompletes according to this chart as finalized right now are actually done, but aren’t reflected herein because the stuff hasn’t landed due to external delays.

Finally, there are projects that are not yet due, and we continue to ignore those.

As an aside, I want to take a moment to draw attention to YOU GOT A JOB ON THE GARBAGE BARGE, because:
  1. It delivered the PDF version early thanks to Amanda’s hard work; 
  2. It is, bar none, the most original, fun, interesting, charming little zine I have read in ages; 
  3. I am unbelievably, ridiculously, gleefully proud and tickled pink to have been included in something that is seriously so unique and great (and now I look cool by association, suckers). 
If you didn’t back it, you can still grab the PDF over on Amanda’s page and I strongly suggest you do because it’s one of the best things to come out of Kickstarter and certainly a hall of fame ZineQuest project. I cannot wait for the physical copies!
Overall, the stuff I have received from ZineQuest 2 has been fabulous. Some I have been able to dig into; the Terror of the Stratosfiend print copy is gorgeous and I’ve truly enjoyed fussing about with Beak, Feather, and Bone in my spare moments – I regret not backing at the physical level for this, even though I did PDF only to try to spread my budget around to more projects. I hope to write about some of these projects as I steal time here and there for blogging.
Finally, I just want to say that my hat is off to everyone who has managed to stay on schedule despite this madness, but my heart of course is with those who have not. This is a truly ridiculous and dreadful time and I hope all the creators out there working diligently despite things falling apart know that their efforts are appreciated. If you’re a ZineQuest creator reading this, be kind to yourself and don’t sweat a schedule (at least in my opinion)! I hope all the creators working to make dorky stuff for everybody to play with take the time to stay safe, stay healthy both physically and mentally, and to take care of what is important (friends, family, self, community) before taking care of ZineQuest stuff. Much love to you all!
I have no idea if these posts are helpful to anyone out there but I figured I’d keep this going at least for the foreseeable future; maybe I’ll do another in June or more likely July and check back in then. I’d love to know if this is of any value so I can decide whether or not to do it next time around during/after ZineQuest 2021.
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