The Swordfish Islands Quarantine Bundle is Absolutely Bonkers

Swordfish Islands Quarantine Bundle logo appears with permission from Jacob Hurst of Swordfish Islands, who retain all rights.
Not convinced by giant all-caps directives?
Okay, check this:
  • DIY RPG Productions’ HUBRIS, Mike Evans’ violent, bizarre, dark pulp setting for DCC.
  • DIY RPG Productions’ Death is the New Pink, Mike Evans’ Mad Max sorta post-apocalyptic punk setting for Chris McDowall’s terrific Into the Odd with art by Jeremy Duncan.
  • Swordfish Islands’ own The Dark of Hot Springs Island, one of the best system-agnostic, OSR-leaning hexcrawls you’ll find.
  • Swordfish Islands’ own Field Guide to Hot Springs Island, one of the best diegetic players’ guides ever made.
  • Swordfish Islands’ own The Lapis Observatory, a zine format booklet of a dungeon on Hot Springs Island.
  • Swordfish Islands’ own Toxic Elven Smut, a zine format booklet containing a quick run-down on the elves of Hot Springs Island and their ruins.
  • Swordfish Islands’ own The Tomb of Black Sand, a terrific dungeon crawl through a lich’s lair from ZineQuest 2019, ready for D&D5E or OSR.
  • Swordfish Islands’ own Silent Titans, a gorgeous work of wonderful weird art by the amazing Patrick Stuart and Dirk Detweiler Leichty.
  • Swordfish Islands’ own Super Blood Harvest collected edition, which technically isn’t released in this format officially just yet? Kinda? and is the awesome and utterly wild brainchild of Dirk Detweiler Leichty, who is a real sweetheart.
For free. As in, $0.00. No strings attached.
All of that is free right now to keep you entertained during COVID-19 quarantine season, thanks to the kindness of Jacob, Gabe, Evan, and Donnie at Swordfish Islands and their partners Mike Evans, Patrick Stuart, and Dirk Detweiler Leichty. Those awesome people have given up countless hours of their hard work to everyone out of a sense of community and the desire to do right by friends around the world who need stuff to do during this rather crappy era of human history.
If you’re new to the work of any of these great creators, this is basically nerd Christmas for you, because you’re about to unwrap some absolutely amazing gifts.
One last thought before I duck out of here:
If you like these books – and you absolutely will like a lot of them, I am sure of it – I really and sincerely encourage you to buy hard copies. Not just to support the creators and their kindness, which of course is a valid and appropriate reason all by itself, but because the hard copies of books produced by Jacob and his crew under the Swordfish Island imprint are absolutely incredible physical objects. The Hot Springs Islands books are seriously perfect examples of How Stuff Should Be Done and Silent Titans was another leap forward. It’s downright luxuriant. So do yourself a favor and buy their books if you like the PDFs, because you’ll like them way more, and you absolutely will relish the experience.
Anyway, one more time for the people who made it to the end of this BBBBBREAKING NEWS article:
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