Some Small February OSR/D&D Sales at DriveThruRPG

It looks like right now DriveThruRPG has some underpublicized sales going on (DTRPG almost always has broad sales of one kind or another, often individual publishers or genres, with little fanfare) that may appeal to OSR and D&D players. Or, rather, as we all know, probably moreso for referees than players!

The Ice Kingdoms

A frozen setting drawing heavy inspiration from viking and Norse culture (and dabs of the Mediterranean classical cultures as well). A big draw here is the involvement of old-school TSR pro James M. Ward, whose work is beloved by many. This newer setting has drawn favorable reviews, with people praising the fact that it isn’t paint-by-numbers vikings but rather a new and different take on it. However, even if you don’t want to run a lower-magic winter world game, it’s very modular as all OSR-related products are, and therefore you can safely lift monsters, NPCs, even whole adventures wholesale without needing to use the setting itself in your game.



InfiniBadger Press

A popular small press organization producing work for Swords & Wizardry (OD&D), Labyrinth Lord (B/X), and OSRIC (AD&D1E) retroclone players to enjoy, InfiniBadger have also set themselves apart by selling stock art, a regular mini-zine or two, compilation books, and a rules-light old-school-inspired single-or-multi-player dungeoneering booklet. If nothing else, they’ve got their bases covered! While their entire suite of products is quite large, I’ll focus on just the OSR stuff here; I encourage you to check out all of their work if you like what you see because supporting indie developers is how this whole hobby of games grows and grows.

Polyhedral Dungeon

Old School Series Classes


Hopefully someone out there gets some use out of significant savings on these particular titles. Sales mean you can hoard more games! If you find something you’ve been looking for, let me know!

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