What’s Crackin, Yall?

Long time, no see!

The possum is fueled, primarily, by Spike energy drink at the moment. It has enough caffeine and methylcobalamin that it should count as a prescription drug, to be honest.

Like so many possums before me whose emergence from the shadows was forewarned by the glint of their beady eyes, I have returned to babble about elves again. It’s been truly wonderful to be greeted so kindly and with such open arms on Twitter the past 48 hours or so since I crawled back into the world of the living. I honestly could not ask for better, more welcoming, more empathetic and friendly pals.

A lot of people have DMed me to ask what’s been up and where I’ve been (and, it seems, in my time away, a lot of messages went unread asking the same thing; my earnest apologies if I missed yours and made you worry). I figure I’ll summarize here:

  • I switched jobs last March, from one that gave me an anxiety disorder to one I am happy at but which occupies literally all my time and demands highly technical thinking that makes it hard for me to switch gears to creativity.
  • I lost, like, 120lbs in 11 months and am nearly back into the clothing sizes I was in before I crippled myself eons ago.
  • I am discovering now that my keyboard is broken and I need a new one; joy.
  • I have made a conscious decision to wedge my life apart and find time for “me” and my dumb elfgame stuff because the lack of art and creativity in my life was kinda crushing.
  • I am excited to be back but also way out of practice and kinda lost and catching up, so bear with me.
  • My doctor helped me out with my anxiety problems but residual patterns from that job, coupled with the sudden fear of maybe selling(?) dwarfgame stuff kinda made me spiral away from this for a bit.
  • While I was away, this blog crossed the 100,000 view line and now nears the 150,000 views line. Wait. What?!
  • This article about starting out in the OSR for free is my most-read article, at over 13,000 now.
  • This article about Matt Colville’s book is my next most-read, at over 10,000.
  • Luka Rejec features in three more of the top few articles here.
That about brings it current for my personal life.
So anyway, enough about my nonsense. In a few minutes I’m gonna post a debrief with mythoughts on PAX South 2020, which I took my whole family to over all three days this year.

But it’s good to be back amongst you. I hope you’ll all swing by, say hello to me somewhere, join me for goofy game thoughts and possum cartoons, and generally pal around with me once again as I catch back up and rejoin the world of RPGs!

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  1. Cremcraw

    Welcome back! I've been a OSR blog lurker, but I am emerging because your return is just too good to pass up. I have missed your posts, and am delighted to see you with a new one. Best wishes!

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