This Twitter Bot is Already Better at D&D Than Me

Saker Tarsos, master of random generators, made a Twitter bot.

It’s now the most useful Twitter account on the entire site, and threatens to put all fluff fiction blog posts entirely out of business.

Tweet anything you want to @twisteryhistory and revel in the joy of a robot trying its best to conjure up some sort of android imitation of Patrick Stuart on demand. No, not Picard. The powergenius behind False Machine. You knew that, but this is a nonsense blog post at the end of the night and so I get to make Star Trek jokes and nobody can stop me.

Oh. Well. Only after writing this and going to get the link for Saker Tarsos up there at the start of this blog post do I come to realize he already wrote a blog post about it on his site. Go read his post instead.

Tomorrow I’ll post something useful. I’m sorry.

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