Links: DriveThruRPG GM’s Day Sale

Time to celebrate GMs everywhere! The ones who create magical worlds of killer robots and space aliens and horrifying ghoulish nightmares deep in tombs buried in the darkest caverns! The ones who host us at their houses and let us drink soda at their tables without coasters! The ones who sacrifice so much to buy all the books so we can just show up and throw dice at them every time our character dies for trying that mysterious potion on the demonic altar!

Alright, so, it looks like DTRPG is doing another sale. This one has 48,384 items. It’s gonna last 10 days or so.

It’s BOUND to include some old school D&D stuff.

Meaning I’m going to go through 48,384 items for you and collect the greatest hits here. You might think, “Possum, why not just add the OSR search tag and let it narrow itself down,” but I’d counter by asking, “Dawg, have you ever actually used the DTRPG search feature and found it missed half the stuff? Have you noticed in giant pools of items it cycles alphabetically over and over in no discernable fashion of relevance? It’s nonsense, yo. I do not trust it.”

So we do it manually, old school, to get all the best old school stuff. Also because I have the house to myself today and I am bored.

The ground rules for my subjective selections:
It’s gotta be old school, OSR, or very closely adjacent for whatever reason (theme, new versions of old systems, nostalgia, whatever);
it’s gotta be cool;
it’s gotta be known to be good, noteworthy, or at least very interesting;
and it’s gotta be on sale (ideally very much on sale).

Since there’s possibly a ton of stuff involved here, I may cut my descriptions to the very briefest I can in some cases.

B/X Essentials and Dolmenwood

B/X Essentials by Necrotic Gnome – Huge discounts on the printed copy/PDF bundles. Like, 40% off! One of the best versions of the 1981 Moldvay/Cook Basic rules around, period. Core / Adventures & Treasures / Monsters / Classes & Equipment / Spells

Wormskin by Necrotic Gnome – This is the setting zine for Dolmenwood, one of the coolest settings in the entire OSR. Dark, threatening forests straight out of old folklore. Until the hardcover comes out someday in the future, this is your only way to play this fantastic setting and its characters. Huge (like, 40%) discount on the print/PDF bundle version. 1/ 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 /

The Complete Vivimancer by Necrotic Gnome – One of Gavin Norman’s most famous creations is the antithesis to the necromancer, but no less weird and distasteful. Fantastic stuff. Huge 40% discount on the PDF/softcover print combo!

The B/X Rogue by Necrotic Gnome – Another enduring creation of Gavin Norman is the B/X rogue, which expands the thief class to more widely align with scouts, spies, thieves, and con-artists. Dirt cheap already on PDF, but a huge 40% off the print/PDF softcover bundle.

The B/X Warrior by Necrotic Gnome – Another of Gavin’s class rethinks, broadening the fighter mechanically into berserkers, rangers, gladiators, knights, etc. Very cool, huge discount of 40% on the PDF/print combo.

Labyrinth Lord

Advanced Labyrinth Lord (Orcus Cover) by Goblinoid Games – Labyrinth Lord Revised Edition + the Advanced Edition Companion, with some further numerical revisions (mostly to high-HD monster XP values), packed into a single book. Wonderful B/X clone! 20% off for the PDF, discounted hardcover/PDF combo as well! The Dragon Cover version is on sale for the same price.

Labyrinth Lord Revised Edition by Goblinoid Games – A great B/X clone at a great price. 40% off for the PDF, about 30% off for the Print/PDF packages.

Labyrinth Lord (Italian) by Goblinoid Games – Uno sconto del 40% per gli italiani.

Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion by Goblinoid Games – This enhances the basic B/X clone Labyrinth Lord by enabling separation of race-as-class into an AD&D style gameplay without any numbers headaches. 40% off for the PDF, big discounts on the book/PDF bundles too.

Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion (Italian) by Goblinoid Games -Uno sconto del 40%, mi amici <3

Labyrinth Lord Monster Listing by Goblinoid Games – A monster reference booklet for Labyrinth Lord Revised Edition monsters, making it quick and easy to get what you need for an encounter. $1.50.

Labyrinth Lord Original Edition Characters by Goblinoid Games – Play classic White Box character classes with OD&D style mechanics and numbers, using LL rules. 40% or so off.

Labyrinth Lord Realms of Crawling Chaos by Goblinoid Games – Full campaign supplement for using LL to play a Lovecraftian dark fantasy game full of Cthulhu, new races like white apes and sea blood, spells that warp time and space, and psionics. This is the way to make your LL games really dark, and really weird in a hurry. Get 40% off the PDF or about 30% off the print/PDF combo.

Dogs in the Dungeon by Goblinoid Games – Optional rules for dog hirelings in Labyrinth Lord, including war dogs, scent/bloodhounds, and magical exotic dogs. Dogs are an underrated hireling choice that I planned to write an article on one day but you can just beat me to it by spending $0.90 to get this.

Mutant Future: Revised Edition by Goblinoid Games – This take on the Gamma World-style irradiated weird wasteland of the future is made by the folks behind Labyrinth Lord and is fully compatible with LL products (and all other OSR stuff, as a result). Big sale here, with 40% off most PDF and PDF/Print combos!

Shadowbrook Manor by Goblinoid Games – The official Labyrinth Lord starter module for levels 1-3. A Tegel Manor sort of funhouse dungeon, with plenty of lessons about what can kill you along the way.

Megadungeon Stuff

Rappan Athuk Swords & Wizardry Edition by Frog God Games – This is among the most famous and most beloved megadungeous out there. Hugely discounted at 40% off for the PDF.

Rappan Athuk Player’s Guide by Frog God Games – The companion piece for Rappan Athuk megadungeon, player-facing options and information. 40% off.

Rappan Athuk Bestiary by Frog God Games – The bestiary for one of the most famous megadungeons of them all. S&W stats, so essentially easy as pie to convert to any game you play. $2.99 (40% off, or so).

Rappan Athuk Book of Maps by Frog God Games – Do you have any idea how big this dungeon is?! Make it easier on yourself and just print them out of this concise, indexed book. 40% off in PDF.

Rappan Athuk Pregens by Frog God Games – Rolling 3D6 is too difficult so you can pay someone else to do it for you if you want, and right now, you’ll pay 40% less!

Lost City of Barakus (Rappan Athuk canon setting) by Frog God Games – If you, for some reason, care about the canonical location of Rappan Athuk, here you go! This campaign guide is on sale for 40% off. While you’re at it, here’s the Barakus Wilderness/Endhome Map, and the Rappan Athuk/Lost City of Barakus Setting Regional Map.

Barrowmaze Complete by Greg Gillespie – One of the biggest, most-played megadungeons around. Huge 30+% discounts abound on this. Time to get it if youve been holding off on the expensive hardcover version, I think.

Barrowmaze GM Screen Inserts by Greg Gillespie – Easy reference sheets for inserting into your DM screen. Discount on the PDF and the PDF/Print combo.

Barrowmaze I/II Hi-Rez Maps by Greg Gillespie – 300pi, 40% off. Print!

Forbidden Caverns of Archaia by Greg Gillespie – Another gigantic megadungeon by Greg Gillespie starring all your favorite artists (Erol Otus, Jim Holloway, Stefan Poag, Russ Nicholson, Matt Ray, etc). The PDF is 20% off, and the big winner is the hardcover/PDF combo at 34% off. If you’re one of the two people who reads this blog hoping to see 5E content, BOY ARE YOU IN LUCK.

Forbidden Caverns of Archaia GM Screen Inserts by Greg Gillespie – Fast reference sheets for DMs who use universal screens or clip/tape/glue/gravity magic/magnetize sheets to their other screens. 20% off for the PDF, but 40% off for the PDF+Premium Printed Sheet combo.

Dungeon Full of Monsters by Red Box Vancouver – A modular megadungeon for LL, B/X, and other OSR games. Dungeon has 50 sections, 5 levels; configure it how you want like Lego. There’s 150 monster stat blocks, too, with copious illustrations. PDF is 20% off, print/PDF combos are large discount town also.

Caverns of Thracia by Judges Guild – One of the greatest dungeons of all time, by Jennell Jaquays. This is where the term “Jaquay the Dungeon” comes from. This is the one. This is super-famous, super good, and super-fun. It’s also like $3.59. How do you not own this?

Stand-Alone Supplements and Universal Modules

The Gardens of Ynn by Dying Stylishly Games – One of the best adventures in the entire OSR, period. Emmy Allen kills it on this book. She’s terrific. Read it and be inspired. Fits into settings in all kinds of weird, wonderful ways (secret garden, access it via a painting or mirror, fall through a portal, stumble into it via some woods, you name it). Super cheap PDF, $3.00 off the PDF/softcover bundle.

The Stygian Library by Dying Stylishly Games – Another amazing adventure from Emmy Allen. Also suitable for plugging into whatever game you’ve got going. You want to find information? Oh man, yes, please go check that library over there… Super cheap PDF.

Slumbering Ursine Dunes by Hydra Coop – I reviewed this on the blog. It’s the first of the Hill Cantons books by Chris Kutalik, it’s for Labyrinth Lord (B/X D&D) and it’s fantastic. Two classes, new monsters, an amazing pointcrawl. 40% off for the PDF and a discount on the PDF/print bundle too.

Fever-Dreaming Marlinko by Hydra Coop – I also reviewed this on the blog not too long ago. Second in the Hill Cantons series. It’s one of the finest city supplements ever produced, has several adventures built in, and should probably be required reading. It’s on sale for 40% off the PDF copy and the PDF/print is discounted too.

Misty Isles of the Eld by Hydra Coop – Guess what: I reviewed this too. It’s the third of the Hill Cantons series and it is maybe my favorite of the series. Terrific art by Luka Rejec throughout. Wild, alien tone. Horrific weird fantasy bad guys. Very cool. Easily slotted into your game.

What Ho, Frog Demons! by Hydra Coop – Yup, I reviewed it too. It’s great. It’s huge, it’s got more central European/Slavic-inspired fantasy crammed into each page than you can shake a stick at, and it’s got beautiful art by Luka Rejec. Also heavily on sale in several formats.

Mortzengersturm, the Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak by Hydra Coop – Trey Causey is a mad genius. This is technically 5E-compatible but it takes no real work to play it with any of your preferred systems. It’s an incredibly stylish, fun adventure dripping with the aesthetic of the 60s. Terrific, and 20%ish off.

Azurth Adventures Digest 1 by Hydra Coop – More of Trey’s Azurthian madness. Pulp fantasy aesthetic is everywhere in this. Never let anyone convince you fantasy needs to be drab greens and browns. 20% off, totaling $2.00 out the door for the PDF!

Operation Unfathomable by Hydra Coop – Jason Sholtis’ incredible underground hellscape with a sense of humor. You will die here, painfully, probably repeatedly, but it will be hilarious and charmingly illustrated the whole time. I love this book. It is like 20% off in PDF and like 38%ish off for the PDF/softcover bundle. Grab it.

Operation Unfathomable Player’s Guide by Hydra Coop – Where else does the players’ option booklet begin with a comic where a decapitated head shouts “Shit!” but here in the OU Player’s Guide. Super handy digest size. This is like 20% off for PDF and a full 40% off for PDF/softcover. Crazy cheap. Get it!

Witchburner by Hydra Coop/WTF Studios – Luka Rejec’s first solo book. Available in PDF at 20% off. An incredible social adventure in a small town where your players… yknow what, I reviewed the heck out of this. It’s amazing. It carries my highest praises, deservedly. Plug it into your next game and screw your players up.

Behind the Walls by MonkeyBlood Design – A Midderlands adventure with a Roman England flair. 20% off for the PDF.

The Dark of Hot Springs Island by Swordfish Islands – Just terrific. An amazing, hyper-dense jungle island hexcrawl full of monsters, elementals, volcanoes, ancient elven civilizations, you name it. Great, great book. 25% off the PDF.

A Field Guide to Hot Springs Island by Swordfish Islands – This is what makes the Hot Springs Island campaign truly come alive. An in-universe, player-facing guide to the mysterious island in the format of a naturalist’s primer. Terrific. Also 25%ish off for PDF.

Lapis Observatory by Swordfish Islands – A dungeon zine set on Hot Springs Island. 20% off.

Fever Swamp by Melsonian Arts Council – Hands down one of the best hexcrawls ever made. Set in a diseased, filthy, difficult swamp. Your PCs will get murked here. It’s a fantastic time nonetheless. Please infect your party with gross swamp funk.

LLA001: Blood Moon Rising by Small Niche Games – One of the best introductory adventures for any OSR system, period. This is the more or less official Labyrinth Lord starter adventure, by Peter C Spahn. It’s $0.89 for the PDF, and the PDF/print book combo is like 20% off too. If you don’t own it, please just get it now for when you need it at some point in the future. (Italiano)

LLA002: The Inn of Lost Heroes by Small Niche Games – Another Spahn adventure for low-level characters, suitable for teaching people to play OSR games. Like the others, $0.89 for the PDF and a good 20% off the combo PDF/Print version. (Italiano)

LLA004: Atarin’s Delve by Small Niche Games – Another Spahn adventure for low-level (1-3) characters, set in a cavern system in the Chronicles of Amherth setting. Good for teaching OSR gameplay. Also $0.89 for the PDF.

LLA005: The Stealer of Children by Small Niche Games – Another Spahn adventure that is great at teaching OSR D&D gameplay for $0.89 on the PDF and a good 20% off the combo PDF/Print version.

LLA006: The Shine of St Aleena by Small Niche Games – Another Spahn adventure for baby characters (lvl 1-3). A good, longer module for teaching new players. $0.89 again for the PDF!

LLA007: Oak Grove Whispers by Small Niche Games – Surely you’re catching on. Peter Spahn making good introductory adventures that go well together, for dirt cheap. You should just, like, keep these on hand.

Advanced Adventures #1: The Pod-Caverns of the Sinister Shroom by Expeditious Retreat Press – Matt Finch is the well-known creator of Swords & Wizardry and is also the mind behind this terrific adventure for low-level characters. It’s nominally for OSRIC (AD&D1E) but of course compatible with whatever you play. It’s 40% off for the PDF and 33% off for the PDF/softcover combo, which are both great deals.

Spores of the Sad Shroom by Karl Stjernberg – A fantastic mushroom-themed dungeon for OSR systems of your choice, including random tables that will, at some point, result in a horrible fungal mutation on members of the party. Hope you don’t mind a little fun-filled body horror! It’s very cool, with spread format so it’s easy to use from tablet or printed format. 20% off.

Settings, Campaigns, and Misc/Universal Supplements

The Midderlands by MonkeyBlood Design – Terrific OSR setting by Glynn Seal. Grimy, dangerous, verdant green old England with a unique bent to it. Includes its own monsters, and a wry sense of humor about the whole gritty affair. 20% off the PDF.

The Midderlands Expanded by MonkeyBlood Design – Builds on the previous book by adding more area to the setting, complete with peoples and more. 20% off.

The Midderlands Rivers & Lakes by MonkeyBlood Design – Details bodies of water in the Midderlands Expanded. 20% off on the PDF and the softcover/PDF combo.

Midderzine by MonkeyBlood Design – A zine to expand the Midderlands campaign with encounters, maps, and more. 1 / 2

Times That Fry Men’s Souls by Nerd Glows On – I’d never seen this before. An 80 hex colonial era New York/New Jersey romp in dark weird fantasy using OSR rules. Muskets and tentacles! I’m in. 20% off.

Dyson’s Delves I – Dyson Logos is the dopest map wizard around. His Delves series provides ready-to-play dungeons and maps instantly so you can key your own stuff or improvise as you go when you weren’t prepared for your party to actually leave the city and go find the goblin lair. 40% off for the PDF.

Dyson’s Delves II – THE SEQUEL!

The Dungeon Alphabet by Goodman Games – Michael Curtis does his ABCs to the tune of dungeon inspiration, tricks, traps, tables, and more. Tremendous book. I think everyone should have a copy and probably print it out and keep it handy. PDF is 40% off.

City State Player’s Map by Judges Guild – Non-keyed player-facing map for the City State of the Invincible Overlord campaign. 40% off.

The Dungeon Dozen by Hydra Coop – Jason Sholtis’ blog of D12 tables has proven to be one of the most enjoyable and inspirational things in the OSR. Collected herein are over 200 tables for the coolest die in the 7-die set we all love, full of Jason’s amazing art. 40% off on the PDF!

Razor Coast S&W Edition by Frog God Games – A Caribbean/ Polynesian-themed pirate campaign setting and adventure series. Tons of art, tons of sharkmen, tons of swords and sailboats. If you need a break from Tolkien, you could try this. Hugely discounted, 40% off. The Freebooter’s Guide is a S&W player’s handbook full of options (also 40% off) and the Heart of the Razor adventure series extends the original campaign (also 40% off).

Northlands Saga Complete S&W Edition by Frog God Games – A Norse viking-themed campaign for S&W. Another way to escape the Tolkien doldrums if you need a break. Spans 11 adventures. 40% off for the PDF. The Player’s Guide is also 40% off in PDF.

City of Brass S&W Edition by Frog God Games – Definitely NOT Al-Qadim, if that’s what you’re thinking. This is the mythical Arabia-themed adventure campaign for S&W, to go along with the snowy Norse theme and the tropical Caribbean theme adventure campaigns they have. Lavishly illustrated, just like the others. 40% off as a PDF.

DCC Stuff

Dungeon Crawl Classics by Goodman Games – I think everyone knows DCC at this point. It’s wild, crazy, deadly, and really manages to just revel in the “van with a wizard mural and a bong” aesthetic. Good fun, weird dice. A+. Tons of this is on sale, very steeply. Many of these are modules which you could easily repurpose for other games and which always have fantastic art, at super low prices. The DCC stuff is listed herewith:
Rules (40%ish off!)
Quickstart Rules (20%ish)
DCC Module 8 (40%ish)
DCC Module 10 (40%ish)
DCC Module 14 (40%ish)
DCC Module 26 (40%ish)
DCC Module 27 (40%ish)
DCC Module 36 (40%ish)
DCC Module 44 (40%ish)
DCC Module 51 (40%ish)
DCC Module 66.5 (40%ish)
DCC Module 67 (40%ish)
DCC Module 68 (40%ish)
DCC Module 69 (HEH NICE) (40%ish)
DCC Module 70 (40%ish)
DCC Module 72 (40%ish)
DCC Module 74 (40%ish)
DCC Module 75 (40%ish)
DCC Module 76 (40%ish)
DCC Module 76.5 (40%ish)
DCC Module 77 (40%ish)
DCC Module 78 (40%ish)
DCC Module 79 (40%ish)
DCC Module 80.5 (40%ish)
DCC Module 81 (40%ish)
DCC Module 82 (40%ish)
DCC Module 82.5 (40%ish)
DCC Module 83 (40%ish)
DCC Module 83.1 (40%ish)
DCC Module 83.2 (40%ish)
DCC Module 84 (40%ish)
DCC Module 85 (40%ish)
DCC Module 88 (40%ish)
DCC Module 89 (40%ish)
Saga of the Dragon Cult D&D3.5 Module (40%ish)
Saga of the Rat King AD&D Module (40%ish)
Saga of the Witch Queen AD&D Module (40%ish)
DCC Lankhmar Masks of Lankhmar (40%ish)
DCC Lankhmar Through Ningauble’s Cave (40%ish)
2013 Holiday Module (40%ish)
2015 Holiday Module (40%ish)
2016 Holiday Module (40%ish)
and oh my god so many more. I don’t have room for all these. You’ll find them, I am sure of it.

Crawl Fanzine – Straycouches Press
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
A classic zine from a few years back for Dungeon Crawl Classics, but full of great ideas for any system and valuable enough to check out anyway at $1+ off of most issues. Super cheap at the moment, probably the cheapest I’ve seen them.

Crepuscular #1: Sanctum of the Snail by JLHB Polytechnic – A DCC zine in a comic-book format, complete with 0-level funnel and new patron with spells, new NPC hirelings, and new magic items for your DCC game. I drew fanart for this over on Twitter, I liked it that much. 20% off.

C&C Stuff

Castles & Crusades by Troll Lord Games – It’s all on sale, again. Most of it is heavily discounted, again. I haven’t played it, but folks like Jason Hobbs seem to enjoy their campaigns, so you may as well – it’s a D20 derivative meant to clone the OSR experience/systems. Nearly everything for C&C in PDF format is 25-40% off.
Castle Keepers Guide
Codex of Airdhe
Player’s Handbook 7th Printing
Player’s Handbook 7th Printing (Alt Cover)
Monsters & Treasures 2nd Printing
Monsters & Treasures of Airdhe 3rd Printing
Monsters & Treasures 4th Printing
Adventurer’s Backpack
Codex Germania
Codex Slavorum 
Codex Nordica
A1 Assault on Blacktooth Ridge Module
A7 Beneath the Despairing Stone Module 
DA1 Dark Journey Module
DB1 Haunted Highland Module 
Castle Keeper’s Guide to the Haunted Highlands
DB2 Crater of Umeshti Module
DB3 Deeper Darkness Module
DB4 Dro Mandras Module
DB5 The Conquered East Module 
DB6 Dwellers in the Darkness  Module
F5 A Shattered Night Module
Giant’s Rapture Modules
Lost City of Gaxmoor Module
The Hallowed Oracle Module 
Hallowed Oracle Player’s Guide
Breaking Heads Module
Back to Blacktooth Ridge Module
Towers of Adventure Modular Adventure
Beneath the Dome Module
A Night On Black God’s Hill Module 
Beneath the Black Moon Module 
Death in the Treklant Module 
Dwarven Glory: Looking Stones Fastplay Module
C1 Mortality of Green Module 
C2 Shades of Mist Module 
C3 Upon the Powder River Module
C4 Harvest of Oaths Module 
C5 Falls the Divide Module 
C6 Ends Meet Module 
C7 Castle on the Hill Module
I1 Into the Unknown: Vakhund Module
The Golden Familiar Module
To Kill a King Module
100 Calamitous Curses
100 Exciting Encounters
100 More Calamitous Curses
Monstrous Menaces #1
Monstrous Menaces #4
Monstrous Menaces #5
Classic Monster Encounters 
Fantastic Adventure Starter Module
and oh my god so many more C&C modules/supplements; I’m not gonna keep writing them down.

Holmes Basic Clone Stuff

Blueholme Journeymanne Rules by Dreamscape Design – Expand Holmes Basic to 1-20 instead of being trapped at 1-3. 20% off.

Blueholme Character Records by Dreamscape Design – It’s $0.79 for the official fully-illustrated character sheets for the 1977 Holmes Basic clone, Blueholme. How can you lose?

Blueholme Referee Repository by Dreamscape Design –  Provides all the tables and rules of the Journeymanne edition into a brief booklet suitable for keeping at the table. 20% off.

BLUEHACK by Dreamscape Design – A *hack designed to replicate 1977 Holmes Basic in an even more rules-lite package akin to Black Hack et al. It’s a dollar. You can pay $1.04 and get this on PDF and probably reformat its text to fit on a pocketmod somehow so you can keep the warm embrace of the D&D security blanket close at all times. I dunno.

Neat Sci-Fantasy Stuff

Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure by DIY RPG Productions – Gross, savage, dangerous, heavy metal darkness wrapped up in a DCC RPG variant. Biggest savings appears to be the PDF and the hardcover book. The alternate Limited Edition cover version is also on sale.

Crawling Under A Broken Moon by Shield of Faith Studios – A DCC zine for gonzo post-apocalyptic madness. These are criminally cheap right now. It’s like $0.59-$0.69 per issue. If you can afford a McDonalds meal, you could buy all of these just for fun and not miss the money, even if you didn’t read them. But you’ll read them, because you’re broken like me and you like gonzo nonsense. Let’s go. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 /

Umerican Survival Guide (Chase Cover) by Shield of Faith Studios – The complete sourcebook for post-apocalyptic gonzo gaming using DCC rules, based on the articles in the Crawling Under a Broken Moon zines! The Delve cover variant is also on sale. 20% discounts for both versions, both PDF and PDF/print combos.

Mutant Crawl Classics by Goodman Games – The official weird future, mutated, messed-up gonzo RPG based on DCC’s rules. Questionable in the eyes of many for being a bit of a letdown, it seems, so explore at your own risk – though it is 20% off today.

Misc Retroclones/OSR Systems

Adventures Dark & Deep Player’s Manual by BRW Games – Adventures Dark & Deep touts itself as the AD&D that never was, attempting to imagine what Gygax would have done for a 2nd Edition of AD&D with himself at the helm, based on things Gygax wrote. This is the “PHB” of this retroclone(?) and is compatible with AD&D-related things. Big 40%ish discount on PDF and PDF/Print bundles!

Adventures Dark & Deep GM’s Toolkit by BRW Games – Adventures Dark & Deep touts itself as the AD&D that never was, attempting to imagine what Gygax would have done for a 2nd Edition of AD&D with himself at the helm, based on things Gygax wrote. This is the “DMG” of this retroclone(?) and is compatible with AD&D-related things. Big 40%ish discount on PDF and PDF/Print bundles!

Adventures Dark & Deep Bestiary by BRW Games – Adventures Dark & Deep touts itself as the AD&D that never was, attempting to imagine what Gygax would have done for a 2nd Edition of AD&D with himself at the helm, based on things Gygax wrote. This is, obviously, the “MM” for that game, but it compatible with other AD&D-related things. Big 40%ish discount on PDF and PDF/Print bundles!

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (Compleat 2E) by North Wind Adventures – This retroclone is designed to evoke the feel, very specifically, of Robert E Howard’s high adventure pulp fiction of Conan the Barbarian. Does a terrific job of it, too. The 2nd Edition is much better than the 1st, and includes the complete setting along with the mechanics and races/classes/etc. About 25% off.

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2E Players’ Manual by North Wind Adventures – If you buy the Compleat book above, you will not need this. If, however, you do have a need just for the player information, here’s a good way to get 20% off of it!

Forgotten Fane of the Coiled Goddess by North Wind Adventures – An adventure for Lvl 5-7 characters in AS&SH.

Ghost Ship of the Desert Dunes by North Wind Adventures – An adventure for Lvl 2-4 characters in AS&SH

Rats in the Walls and Other Perils by North Wind Adventures – A small adventure anthology for levels 1-2 in AS&SH

Beyond the Wall & Other Adventures by Flatland Games – A very-low-prep OSR game inspired by the “group of friends” adventures popular in fantasy novels around the time of the late 70s and 80s, such as Ursula K. LeGuin et al. Includes two scenarios and character pregens so you can just straight-up play without any prep at all right out of the box. Big 40%ish savings on the PDF, decent savings on the print/PDF hardcover bundle.

Beyond the Wall: Further Afield by Flatland Games – An expansion to the above system, providing more options for sandbox adventures. This leans into a lot of collaborative techniques to reduce GM overhead. Includes several scenario seeds for dynamic events and villains.

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells by Gallant Knight Games – Diogo Nogueira’s newest venture is sword-and-planet science fantasy. A massive 450+ pages, the vast majority of which is “tools, generators, tables” according to the author (paraphrased from Twitter). The PDF is 20%ish off, while the print/PDF combos are about 30% off.

Spears of the Dawn by Sine Nomine – African-inspired OSR-adjacent gaming using the Stars Without Number mechanics. The classes and spells and items are OSR-compatible.

Crypts & Things Remastered by D101 Games – An OSR game themed after the British 1970s/1980s fantasy aesthetic for a darker, grittier feel than some other high adventure style games. I haven’t played this one yet, actually, but it comes up in conversation enough and had a rather extensive Kickstarter campaign a few years back. It’s discounted heavily in PDF and PDF/print combos.

Dark Places & Demogorgons Core Rulebook by Bloat Games – Play Stranger Things in an OSR-compatible system so you can let your players roll up well-meaning, innocent teenagers in a small 1980s town and then throw a Beholder at them and laugh. Everything here is 25-30% off for PDF copies, with discounts on print combos as well.
Dark Places & Demogorgons Player Options & GM Guide by Bloat Games
Dark Places & Demogorgons Ghost Hunter’s Handbook by Bloat Games
Dark Places & Demogorgons UFO Investigator’s Handbook by Bloat Games
Dark Places & Demogorgons Jeffersontown Setting Guide by Bloat Games
Dark Places & Demogorgons Werewolf Sourcebook by Bloat Games
Dark Places & Demogorgons Vampire Sourcebook by Bloat Games
Dark Places & Demogorgons GM Screen Inserts by Bloat Games
Dark Places & Demogorgons Cryptid Manual Bestiary by Bloat Games

The Nightmares Underneath by Red Box Vancouver – Horror set in the fantastic middle east where the dream realm is spreading nightmares into the world. Extremely OSR-compatible using the usual 3D6 ability scores and Vancian casting, but with some elements of additional system including alternate health system and alignment system. Included in the 420+ pages are this self-contained OSR system, the setting, the character rules, etc. Steep discounts – 30% off for the PDF, 25% for the hardcover/PDF bundle, 38%ish for the softcover/PDF bundle.

The Nameless Grimoire by Red Box Vancouver – An expansion for The Nightmares Underneath (and other OSR games), with 666 new spells, monsters, new classes, you name it. Same discounts as the base game.

Wolf-Packs & Winter Snow by Dying Stylishly Games – Emmy Allen’s weird paleolithic B/X derivative OSR game. Great stuff with amazing mood and mechanics. I love caveman and prehistory stuff, so this is my jam. Recommended. 20% off.

Misc OSR Zines & Small Supplements

Dice Roll Zine #1 by Hogtown Games – A simple OSR zine by Steven A Cook with a ton of great art included! 20% off.

NOD Bundle by John M Stater – Grab 27-33 of one of the longest-running zines in the entire hobby at 15% off.

White Box Companion by Barrel Rider Games – James M Spahn at it again, with S&W White Box expansions for classes and other options for play. Both Volume I and Volume II, are on sale at 40%ish off. Cop both for the price of a Coca-Cola. In addition, the following other supplements by James M Spahn are available at about 40% off:
White Box Chivalry
White Box Arcana
White Box Demihumans
White Box Gothic
White Box Treasures
White Box Bestiary
White Box Compendium by Barrel Rider Games – This combines Volume II and several other short supplements into a comprehensive unit. Demihumans and other classes, psychic abilities, neat fluff, it’s all here.

Black Pudding Heavy Helping Vol 1 by Random Order Creations – James V West’s amazing Black Pudding OSR (B/X) zine, issues 1-4, collected in a single volume and reorganized to collate the elements of each zine into comprehensive sections (rules, dungeons, classes, character sheets, etc). The Hardcover/PDF combo is on sale for 25% off!

Black Dogs LotFP Zine by DaimonGames – A LotFP fanzine covering all kinds of topics from house rules to campaign materials and adventures, beasts, and more. Other than the first issue (PWYW), these are all 20% off in PDF and 30% off on print where available. 1 (PWYW) / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7


Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition by Filigree Forge – This game attempts to replicate the Conan feel as well, but I think it might come a little closer to He-Man or other Saturday morning cartoons. It is not a TSR clone at all; it is mechanically closer to Traveller – but being directly aimed at fans of sword-and-sorcery genre, and most of us being of the target age demographic as well, I figured it deserved a mention . It’s also got big discounts – 40%ish off for the PDF, 30% on the Print/PDF bundles. The Legendary Edition is also heavily discounted, as is the Mythic Edition Plain Cover.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition Core Rulebook by Cubicle 7 Entertainment – Classic. Everyone knows it’s a classic. Another one of those “not technically OSR because it’s not a TSR clone, but…” sort of adjacent things. I think most of use played WHFRP at some point. Especially you UK types! PDF is 20% off and frankly that’s the tipping point for nostalgia purchases.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition Core Rulebook by Cubicle 7 Entertainment – This is the newest version of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It’s about 20% off, for you WHFRP diehards out there. Don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya.

Zweihander Grim & Perilous RPG Core Rulebook by Grim & Perilous Studios – Daniel Fox’s WHFRP retroclone (of sorts). You have probably heard of this by now. It’s 20% off.

Zweihander GM Screen by Grim & Perilous Studios – Huge discounts on the PDF/printed portait insert combo.

Troika! by Melsonian Arts Council – An OSR-adjacent game beloved by many in our circles. Daniel Sell is a cool dude, and his book is cool and full of cool art by the amazing Jeremy Duncan. Very rules-light, mostly OSR-compatible in its own sort of way, very neat, very hackable.

Best Left Buried by SoulMuppet Publishing – Fantasy horror with an eldritch nightmare twist. Swingy, deadly combat. Not pure TSR retroclone, but OSR-compatible with other content in broad strokes and designed with the same playstyle inherent to the game. The author is active on Twitter @jellymuppet and runs playtest and open table games for all his new content constantly. 20% off at the moment.

Machiatto Monsters by Lost Pages – Eric Nieudan’s OSR-adjacent rules-light game, with layout and publishing by Paolo Greco and art by a ton of people including Luka Rejec. Editing was done by Fiona Maeve Geist. You know this is a buy with all that community talent dripping off it. It’s on sale for 33% off in the PDF/softcover bundle!

This took hours. Like, almost six hours. I stopped for dinner, sure. But still. I’m never looking at DTRPG again. If I missed any, I just do not care at this point.

By using these affiliate links you will make me, as always, fabulously wealthy beyond any of our dreams*.

*I bought Vacant Ritual Assembly zines from my zine review backlog wishlist the other night with my accumulated affiliate wealth. Thanks everyone. I’ll review them soon!

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