Gygaxian Democracy: The War-Witch of the Crimson Forest

As I do from time to time, last week I got the urge to post another keyed image collection to Twitter and crowdsource the descriptions from all of the clever people over there. It’s always cool to see how other people interpret silly doodles of items. The best part for me is usually the results are absolutely unlike my own imagination, so they feel much more interesting or hilarious to me as the case may be (looking at you, Sean). As I did last time for this occasion, I’m going to archive the replies here with the item so everyone can plant neat stuff in their games, whether it’s one or all of these great submissions.


And the lovingly-crafted descriptions of these items thanks to the Encyclopedia Twittanica, a body of terrific and varied D&D nerds:
  • 1 – Tear Drops of the Chameleon@Molvayaana – If only one is worn you may step silently for several minutes but worn together you blend in with your surroundings for an hour or you move into a different environment.
  • 2a – Cosmolabe of Celaeno@jrients – Only known device that allows for navigation on the Sea of Chaos.
  • 2b – Spiral-Flame Reader@HypatiasAngst – Light a match, it will magically spin. Which powers the light bulb. Light bulb will tell you if it’s time to eat or time to sleep.
  • 2c – Dreamland Piercer@MadMoses – The crystal opens a portal to the dreamlands, the compass is needed to find the way back to the material world. There is a 1 in 20 chance that a dreamland creature crosses over for every 6 turns that the portal is open.
  • 3 – Blood Garnet Bodkin@ktrey – An easily concealable and wickedly sharp knife. Gazing deeply into the gem affixed to the hilt by fine silver chain after a turn or so, one can see the last person slain by the dagger and communicate with them (no sound, as Mime With The Dead).
  • 4 – Runestone of Answers Unsought@barbariankb – Whilst this runestone is in your possession, every hour there is a 1-in-6 chance that a random person will speak, unbidden, a deeply held secret to you. If they do, you will also be compelled to speak a secret.
  • 5 – Remnant of Aliah@nahjones1 – The bone of a legendary elementalist from a bygone age. Once a day, touch the bone with a bit of any element to summon a powerful elemental of that type for 2d6 rounds.
  • 6 – Snake Tabard@HypatiasAngst – From the order of the cloth snake. Followers knit their own snakes when they can’t find or afford one. They are to be worn on the left wrist. AND ONLY THE LEFT WRIST. Those on the right wrist, are considered to be not evil… but bad at making sandwiches.
  • 7 – Cameo of Echoed Time@sue_dee_nym – This necklace holds a shifting image of its wearer, sometimes an image of their youth, and sometimes an image of their elderly self in the future. 1/d, the wearer can ask a yes/no question of the image in the cameo about the result of a course of action.
  • 8 – Neolithic Spear@dreamsandfevers –  Remembers a much earlier time. Wounds it inflicts can only be healed via stone age methods, no magic or modern surgery can help. The spear wants: To hunt the biggest game. To discover how fire is made. And it hates to serve metal wearers.
  • 9 – “Simply Silas”@CheeseSeijin93 – 100% natural wine. Inside, a frothy red beverage, containing sentient bacteria that turn those that ingest it into a delicious wine puddle in a matter of seconds. Recommended for your enemies.
  • 10 – Dreamcatcher Shield@Olobosk_ – If the wielder of this shield is attacked by a Ghost or other ethereal being, they become entangled and cannot move away from them. Any attempts to infiltrate the wielder’s mind with psychic magic results in the caster being confused for a round.

It is tremendously gratifying to see friends from around the world comment and contribute to projects like this based on my dumb scribbles. It really is a ton of fun for me, so thank you very much to the terrific Twitter D&D crowd that makes projects like this so easy and fun. As always, my apologies for the slight editing tweaks in punctuation and numbering I did to your tweet content in order to make it fit this format better. You’re the best.

As I said last time, if you’re seeing this and wondering what the fuss is about, come chat with everyone on Twitter! Tons of bloggers, game developers, editors, artists, G+ refugees, and very imaginative people of every stripe from around the globe are active there pretty much all day. People talking about pretty much every game genre and style, from the indie storygames crowd to the OSR folks to the weird half-forgotten stuff that dead-ended in the 80s and 90s, can be found on there. Sign up and start a conversation. Wait for Follow Friday posts and curate a cool selection of people. It’s a lot of fun, very energetic, and a lot of cool stuff seems to get started there. Plus, next time I do one of these, you can scream into the void and I’ll collect it and put it on the eventual post!

If you enjoy this ongoing series of scribbles accompanied by the wisdom of Twitter D&D nerds, post in the comments below or shout at me on, you guessed it, Twitter. I’m over there as @dungeonspossums. You should also probably click those linked names above and see if any of these lovely Twitter nerds are your sort of people!

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