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Are you guys kidding me now? I literally JUST had to do this. You’re doing back to back OSR sales? Are you trying to make “sort through ~880 items” my second day job? Come on.

Oh well, I shouldn’t look a gift hippogriff in the mouth. I love OSR books, and you probably do too. At least, at first glance, this sale isn’t as disappointing as the last one, and it’s MUCH bigger. Same gimmick to this post as last time: I go through the entire sale and curate the coolest (in my opinion), most noteworthy (as in, popular with swaths of the community, or of special interest), and steepest discounts. I collect those links there. You buy the things you like. Everybody is happy.

Let’s dive in to this 7-day sale’s contents:

  • Rappan Athuk – S&W Edition by Frog God Games – One of the all-time most famous of the modern megadungeons, done properly with OSR stats. You could start this dungeon today and be playing it still when the last whales go extinct (next month).
  • Best Left Buried by SoulMuppet Publishing – Fantasy horror with an eldritch nightmare twist. Swingy, deadly combat. Likely to murder you and make it real gross in the process. The author is active on Twitter @jellymuppet and runs playtest and open table games for all his new content constantly. Half of amateur/indie gamedev Twitter plays in his game or hangs out on his Discord it seems. Recently given a whole new revised layout, so if you’ve already purchased this long ago, go redownload it.
  • The Dungeon Alphabet by Goodman Games – Michael Curtis! Writing about dungeons! Giving you ideas! With classic old school art! How do you not have this! I’m worried Blogger will charge me by the exclamation mark!
  • Beyond the Wall by Flatland Games – High-stakes old school gaming structured around the type of coming-of-age stories we read as a kid. Things like Ursula K. Le Guin, or even the Hobbit in a way; small groups of friends undertaking a grand adventure.
  • Dyson’s Delves by ZERObarrier – Never be caught without a dungeon in a hurry ever again. Complete dungeons for use with any fantasy role-playing game of your choice, drawn by one of the industry’s favorite cartographers.
  • Fever Swamp by Melsonian Arts Council – This is just a terrific adventure filled with diseases, foul hazards, swamp monsters, and exploration.
  • Operation Unfathomable by Hydra Coop – This is the most fun, funny, interesting take on the Underdark underworld. So much fun. Filled with the strange, the imaginative, the deadly – and lovingly illustrated.
  • Barrowmaze Complete by Greg Gillespie – Another massive megadungeon that you could conceivably play until the sun goes nova. Huge, huge dungeon, brought up in just about every modern megadungeon conversation.
  • Forbidden Caverns of Archaia by Greg Gillespie – Another huge dungeon, with more art by beloved TSR artist Erol Otus and fantastic new OSR artists Stefan Poag and Matt Ray – and countless others. Gorgeous art!
  • The Midderlands by MonkeyBlood Design – Glynn Seal’s award-winning OSR setting. A grimy, dangerous, tongue-in-cheek fantasy England, with a lens of verdant greenery and mist all over everything. Very cool stuff.
  • Advanced Labyrinth Lord Dragon Cover and Orcus Cover by Goblinoid Games – ALL combines Labyrinth Lord: Revised Edition and Labyrinth Lord: Advanced Edition Companion into a single volume and tightens up some XP math. Small spoiler for right now (may have changed by the time you read this): I tried to alert Daniel via Facebook that there seems to be an error, but i got no response, uhhhh the Orcus cover edition of this is $3.99 so uh holy fuck that’s an insane highway robbery.
  • Labyrinth Lord: Revised Edition by Goblinoid Games – LL has been one of the most beloved, most widespread, most used retroclones since its inception. Basically a direct copy of the 1981 Moldvay/Cook B/X ruleset.
  • Shadowbrook Manor by Goblinoid Games – A terrific starter adventure for your LL campaign (or any OSR campaign), in a vein similar to Tegel Manor.
  • Dark Places & Demogorgons Core Rulebook by Bloat Games – Play Stranger Things in an OSR-compatible system so you can let your players roll up well-meaning, innocent teenagers in a small 1980s town and then throw a Beholder at them and laugh.

This sale was not endless Castles & Crusades, so it gets a way bigger thumbs up from me! Not that I have anything against that game, but last sale had 632 items and like 50% of those were C&C supplements, it was insane. This time around we got 879 and it’s way more varied. Even the NOD zine is on sale right now (not by too much, but every little bit counts)!

A lot of much more interesting stuff, in my books, made the cut this time. Hopefully you find this sale post useful – I was NOT expecting to do another one this soon, but DTRPG is just full of surprises.

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  1. Allandaros

    Marlinko was mistagged in the OBS system as being "D&D" but not "OSR," so presumably that's why it was not included in the sale. I've since rectified the error, but too late for this one — d'oh!

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