Gygaxian Democracy: The Sorcerer of the Sinful Caves

Every so often I like to scribble some random items on my cellphone and post them to Twitter or G+ for all the genius posters there to detail. I did exactly that this past week on Twitter and was lucky enough to get the imaginative responses of a buncha good posters, all of whom are worth following. They were so helpful, they managed to clear the entire image! I thought it would be fun this time around to archive their hard work here on the blog and direct attention to each of these Twitter D&D players so that everyone reading this blog might find somebody new to follow and interact with over there – we have a pretty good community of dorks who tweet a bunch.


And now the responses, with duplicate entries included and some light editing for clarity and formatting:
  • 1 – The Finger of Mrs. Bzlbbsloup@ArbitraryTrash – After poor Mrs. Bzlbbsloup the local witch froze to death one winter her body was looted for charms. Her finger, dipped in the blood of a cold blooded animal, can be used to write temporary spells of protection against evil thrice per day
  • 2 – The Whistle of the North Winds@mumphry999 – When blown acts as a cone of frost and if you’re nasty also must save or get blown over prone
  • 3 – The Blood of A Dead God@poupsoop1 – Collected only from the corpse that floats in that one volcano. One sip with enlarge you. A gulp makes you invis. A drink gives you prophetic vision. Downing it all takes you to a secret demi-plane filled with treasure.
  • 4 – Last Day’s Helm@barbariankb – This helmet, when worn, makes the wearer immortal, but only til sunrise of the next day when their flesh will wither away and leave a skeleton behind. It cannot be removed and emanates strong necromantic and abjuration magics like smoke into the air around it.
  • 5 – The Infinite Key@restrepowriter – It opens any door (as Knock), but the first person to step through the door disappears & enters an extradimensional space that is just doors and halls that lead to more doors & halls. Treat as a Maze spell. The Sorcerer is immune to the effect.
  • 6 – Half-Bone@SakerTarsos – A half-bone, a gift from the shaman Kre-, a denizen of the land of halves. A half-gift, for an expedition half-completed, into a dungeon half-formed, for reasons half-explained, as is custom in those incomplete climes. It will grant you one-half of a wish, then dissolve.
  • 7 – Ring of the Source@pandatheist – Makes wearer immune to disease and sense if someone nearby is sick, except: anyone the ringbearer touches is infected with virulent bleeding strain the wearer cant detect or contract. Incubation for disease a week and a day. Remove ring gives wearer disease
  • 8 – Gauntlet Unyielding@barbariankb – While worn, the weapon held cannot be willingly dropped, by neither can the wearer step back from any battle or challenge, nor can they give up any money or item, nor break any word they give.
  • 9a – The Heart of the Mind@TheSithChicken – The calcified heart of the bard Barolte who was turned to stone by his lover rather than let the cerebromorphposis continue till he became a full mind flayer. In his final days all that was left of him was his desires funneled through the lens of alien memories and it is said that if one holds it and can bear Baroltes last passions they can glean the secrets of the Illithids. Unimaginable lifetimes of the secrets of mind flayers waiting to be learned on the other side of the bard’s final passions.
  • 9b – Heart of Gortak, Shaman of the Barbarians of the Northern Wastes@GalacticNomad – Will it bring Gortak back to life when placed in a chest? ANY chest. Gortak was powerful but magic has unintended consequences when you are illiterate.
  • 10 – The Half-Dead Sword@MorganHay – Long shattered, the spirit of this once-majestic weapon has been raised & bound – the blade’s diaphanous ghost extends from the jagged edge of its steel corpse. Ignores physical armour, -1 to hit owing to awkward balance. Can be Turned as 3HD Undead.
  • 11 – Torque of the Serpent Dragon@Lostone1980 – Upon the 1st command word being spoken whilst this is worn by the attuned wear, this Torque changes into a sea serpent, when killed it reverts back. If the 2nd command is uttered, it becomes a blue dragon, again reverting back once killed. 1/wk
  • 12 – Faerie Gold Pouch – @ktrey – Seemingly filled with coins, but 1d4 hours after they are spent they turn into dead leaves. If studied closely before the transformation, the coins bear the spenders face and name.
  • 13a – Angels’ Wings Mushrooms@the_escher – Angels’ wings mushrooms that only grow from carrion birds that feed on the bodies of slain celestials. The mushrooms are said to be able to restore someone to life or heal any illness.
  • 13b – Hungry Hungry Hawk Head@pandatheist – When you feed it living flesh, it grows a random mushroom. Consume mushroom and roll 1d4: (1) take dmg, see future (2) lets you hear thoughts of those you don’t know well, some even true (3) leave body as ghost, body ages while gone 1hr=1yr (4) “stasis” 1d4 hrs (gm secret) all effects (dmg etc) happen as soon as this effect ends.
  • 14a – The Escaping Scepter@TempestLOB – When dragged through the air it cuts open the fabric of space, opening a portal to the nearest portable hole. When you pass thru you are forceably expelled from the hole, carrying an item that was stored within it. The scepter can be used once per week?
  • 14b – Obelisk Sceptre@wereoctopus – Conjures stone obelisk detailing a person’s life accomplishments, requires intimate personal effect such as a lock of their hair. Person may resist with **save vs spells**. Biography reflects priorities — a conqueror who cared about their musician side gig will be reflected thus. The obelisk is 5 ft high per Hit Die and weathers easily. Conjuring two obelisks for a person is forbidden, the first must be destroyed manually.

My heartfelt thanks to all the creative people in Twitter’s D&D crowd who went out of their way to imagine wizardly objects and tweet about them to me 280 characters at a time. You’re all big heroes of Castle Greyhawk. My apologies to you, as well, for tweaking your words here or there where the character limit or my need for clean formatting required. I hope to see your inventions again soon!

If you’re reading at home, take some time to log in or sign up on Twitter and come chat about D&D with us – the folks at those links alone will get you started and happily help you find more great D&D nerds in a heartbeat.

If you like (or hate) this sort of thing as a blog post, let me know here in the comments or over on Twitter @dungeonspossums. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop either way, because I love me some Gygaxian democracy and magical items. If you use these items in your game, as always you are contractually obligated to tell me tell the person who wrote it! If you want to participate in the next one, keep an eye out over on Twitter and sooner or later I will post another of my scribbles for you to test your mental might against.

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