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Usually I wouldn’t post quite so frequently, but I noticed that DriveThruRPG is having a New Year, New Game sale for the next week or so and I wanted to put it out there for anyone who might want to make use of the discount to grab some OSR items while the opportunity lasts.


Weird prehistoric OSR gaming. Useful as a complete game, a setting, character/NPC options for existing games (lost continents are cool, yall), etc. Good stuff.

In the vein of The Black Hack, The Red Hack, and other such games, BLUEHACK is a stripped down version OSR-adjacent(?) rules inspired by Holmes Basic.

A reduced-complexity, quick-start variant of the popular S&W rules derived from S&W White Box and S&W Complete.

Unified, deadly mechanics based on a d20 framework to evoke the old-school play and aesthetic. Famous for starting play by having all players funnel a half dozen random-gen 0-level characters to their deaths to determine the winners in a Darwinian nightmare. Great magic.

Longest name in the OSR. Uses old school rulesets tailored specifically to play sword-and-sorcery games of high adventure a la Conan the Barbarian et al. I have a half-finished review I’ll wrap up and post sometime in the next month or so.

The most popular Holmes Basic retroclone on the market today. The Journeymanne Rules expand the Holmes set from 1-3 levels to 1-20 levels, suitable for playing a complete campaign without switching to AD&D as prescribed in the original blue book.

Dubiously OSR to some, but very popular and at least as related to the pure OSR games as DCC RPG. A reimagining of AD&D1E using unified mechanics derived from the 3.5E d20 skeleton. In its 7th Printing.

I think a lot of crossover probably exists between OSR D&D players and those who have played (or are at least interested in) Runequest. Its foundational versions laid out one of the most successful competitors to D&D, set in a pseudo-bronze age full of adventure and magic.


Very popular pointcrawl by Emmy “cavegirl” Allen set in a weird extradimensional garden.

Ever-changing, procedurally generated adventure through a bizarre library. Written by Emmy Allen.

Deadly hex-crawl sandbox by Luke Gearing (of the Undercroft zine) set in a strange swamp, geared for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and other B/X derivatives.

It’s not a totally exhaustive list of every possible option, but it is a pretty good highlight reel of the OSR offerings in this sale. It ends in about eight days from the time of this posting, so if you’re interested, try to snag them while the discount is in effect! Hopefully this helps someone out there get something they need for their collection, or something they’ve always wanted to try out.

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