Restoring Some Honor

On 22 June 2018, after having established a placeholder blog earlier at the suggestion of Follow Me, And Die!‘s Larry Hamilton, I posted to Dungeons & Possums for the first time. It was a character sheet. Back then, I did not have a working PC, and had to borrow my wife’s and try to use GIMP to clean up an awkward scan of a sheet I drew in my sketchbook. It didn’t work out very well. It was a godawful mess and I ended up posting a 14MB .png file that I was very unhappy with; it was late and I was tired of struggling with bad software. I have remained ashamed of this tragedy ever since. Until now.

Today, while fumbling about Twitter with @barbariankb, I was reminded that I had posted that half-assed character sheet, and had never gone back to fix the great shame that formed the foundation of this blog. I even said I would in the inaugural post! Well, now I have a functional PC again, and Photoshop is back in my life, and I even installed InDesign. So tonight, I can finally make it up to everyone.

 Tiny preview image of the slightly-less-embarrassing version of the character sheet.

Correcting this egregious failing was sort of a rabbit hole. First, sure, I got home and loaded up Photoshop. Easy. Next, I had to turn it into an 8.5×11″-ish printable document, so I loaded up InDesign for the first time. Okay, that worked out alright. I didn’t manage to break anything with my single-element PDF. Then I realized I had to host it somewhere, so I looked up Google Drive and got that set up. And that led me back to the blog, where I had to figure out how to make a static page and make it visible to everyone. Somehow I managed to get that done, too, and here we are. I learned a lot about the blog in the process.

Anyway. Enough babble.

The following link will take you to the shiny new Sheets + Records page of my blog, where the very first useful download on this site can be found! You can also see this page by clicking the Downloads navigation option in the sidebar of the site (or, for mobile users, in the navigation menu at the top of the site).

The proper, cleaned up, aligned, tweaked, print-ready PDF is hosted on Google Drive and is free for you to scribble upon, edit, print-and-shred for use as rodent bedding, or whatever else you wanna do with it. If you do anything cool with it, please hit me up on Twitter @dungeonspossums and show me!

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