The First Post

Welcome to the Dungeons and Possums blog, a place for the things my brain cooks up that don’t fit on Twitter (or would get me banned there.)

For this inaugural blog post, I am unfortunately at the mercy of my dead PC. Though it is only only a couple of years old, the drives in it are positively ancient, and all  of them collectively decided to die pretty much back-to-back some months ago in what can only be ascribed to a form of electronic protest of my browsing habits. Because I am broke, and lazy, and too damn dumb to live without supervision, I’ve yet to bother replacing them to get the PC back up and running.

Because of this, my initial offering is a let-down, for me: if I had access to familiar Photoshop, I could have made something truly lovely, but using the unfamiliar and frankly obnoxious GIMP software on my wife’s unfamiliar PC proved too much for my attention span and patience. I was forced to eventually surrender to mediocrity, and therefore I must give the world something less than the best first impression. I will endeavor to replace my drives and redeem myself sometime soon, but for now, maybe we can all just enjoy a little of that old school D&D sense of embracing the imperfections in life.

This awkward, unfinished, basically uncompressed, 14MB .png file seems to represent a defeated nerd who really just wants to go to sleep and never look at GIMP ever again. But truthfully I would like to think that it represents the first time I’ve contributed anything of substance, even imperfect substance, to the world that I love: RPGs, and the people I share that hobby with. So I hope someone out there likes it, uses it, or at least roundly clowns upon me over on Twitter (@dungeonpossums) for its shameful half-assed state. But most of all I hope you will come back to this blog in the future, ideally after I have run out of excuses regarding my trashfire of a PC, and I hope you will like what you see then. I have a lot of things I’d like to share to inspire my fellow players and DMs to play games and make memories. See you soon.
EDIT 20 AUG 2018
Click the link and go get the real one.
I’m gonna leave this up for sentimental posterity.
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5 comments on “The First Post

  1. wereoctopus

    The sheet has a good mix of personality and readability, and as Follow Me And Die said, better than my meagre skills. Looking forward to more from you 🙂

  2. Unknown

    This is an awesome sheet! I really look forward to seeing more as you progress, keep it up!

  3. tabitha

    I’m glad you’re collecting your ramblings here. I love a blog for its permanence and searchability, I’ll be reading!

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